Brook House Inn

Boot Beer Festival 10th-14th June 2021 curtailed

2019 Boot Beer Festival beers at Brook House Inn

Barngates Stout 4.3
Barngates Brathay Gold 4.0

Camerons  Sanctuary 3.9

CLA Loweswater Gold 4.3
CLA Langdale 4
Clarks Maid in May 3.9
Crossbay Ripa 
Crossbay Endeavour 4 Single Hop Ale
Crossbay Californian Dreamin 5.9 West coast IPA
Crossbay Two Four? 4 Maple & Pecan Canadian Brown Ale
Crossbay Eazy 3 Table beer
Ennerdale Blonde 
Ennerdale Wild 
Fell Milk Stout 
Ferry Ales  Just Jane  3.8 Bitter
Hawkshead Zestspresso  4.8 our take on a Caffè Romano, this porter has been zested with lemon and cold steeped on whole coffee beans
Hawkshead Session Series 26 Citra, Simcoe & Centennial Pale 4.2 brewed using lager malt to create a very pale and slightly biscuity malt profile and hopped with purely US varieties.
Hawkshead Mosaic Pale Ale  4 very pale ale which showcases the amazing aromas and flavours of the Mosaic hop.
Hawkshead Session IPA 4.7% - a hop-bomb of a beer, crammed full of fruity flavours from NZ & US hops. 4.7 a hop-bomb of a beer, crammed full of fruity flavours from NZ & US hops.
Hawkshead Windermere Pale 3.6 citrusy grapefruit flavours, lots of bite for 3.6%
Hydes Dawnbreaker  3.8 Golden Ale
Linconshire Yeast Coast 3.7
Mad Dog  Now in a Minute  4.2 Welsh Red Ale Gluten free and vegan
Mad Dog  Cascade Pale 4 Single Hop Pale Ale and Vegan
Magpie Hoppily Ever After 3.8
Orkney Wave Breaker 4.3
Roosters  Scrambler 4 Watermelon Pale Ale 4 89.99£
Roosters  Capability Brown 4 Classic English Bitter
Rudgate Bicycle 4 fruity (tangerines)
Rudgate Valkyrie APA 5 pale golden hoppy
Stringers  North 4,9
Stringers  Furness Gold 3.5
Tim Taylors Hopical Storm 4
War God  ? 3.8
Wimbledon  Common pale 3.7 Floral – Orange – Malty


Broadoak Moonshine Crisp Medium   7.5
Seacider Strawberry Infused with Strawberry   4
Cockeyed Devon Jasper Medium English Cider   5
Snails Bank Elderflower Gin & Tonic Apple Cider with Bitterness of G & T  4
Snails Bank Rhubarb A Real Apple Cider with Tart Rhubarb  4
Thirsty Farmer Cloudy Cloudy Farmhouse Cider  7.2
Lilleys Apples and Pears  4.5
Seacider Lemon Meringue  4
Weston Family Reserve  5


2018 List

3 Piers Feisty Jake 4.8
3 Piers Riverdance 3.7
Beer Monkey Blonde Rouge 9g 3.8%
Box Steam Brolly 3.6
CLA Langdale 4
CLA Loweswater Gold 4.3
Cross Bay Halo 3.5
Cross Bay RIPA 4.0
Ennerdale Blonde
Ennerdale Horseshoe
Foxfield Dark Mild 3.5
Foxfield King Horn Wheat Beer 5.5
Framework Friday Street Session IPA 4.9
Framework Jackpin Pale Ale 3.9
Harveys IPA 3.5
Harveys Wild Hop Blonde 3.7
Hawkshead Keg
Hawkshead Lager cask 4%
Hawkshead Windermere Pale 3.6
Hopping Mad 4%
Howling Hops Riding Ale Pale Ale 3
Leeds Calypso  3.6%     
Little Critters C Monster 6.5
Little Critters Shire Horse 4.3
Northern ALC Late Hopped Pale 5.2
Ossett White Rat 9g 4%
Quantock QPA  4%   
Rudgate Ruby Mild 4.4
Rudgate Spring Fling 4
Rudgate Yorvik Keg
Scarborough Ship of Fools        
Siren Yu Lu Loose Leaf Pale Ale 3.6
Twisted Brewing Nomad 4.1%    
Twisted Brewing Three & Sixpence  3.6%
Upham Brewery 1st Drop  4.2%
Vog Miami Weiss Hoppy American Wheat Beer 4.5
Vog Paradigm Shift Modern Bitter 4.2
Williams Bros Fraoch
Williams Bros Grozet
York Brewery Hansom Blonde 3.9%

Ciders may change!

  1. Funky Beers Funky Scrumpy  7 %
  2. Abrahalls Thundering Molly  5.2 %
  3. Abrahalls Lily The Pink  4.5 %
  4. Abrahalls Slack Alice  4.6 %
  5. Snails Bank Orchard Dry  5.2 %
  6. Seacider Sussex Strawberry   4.6 %
  7. Westons Perry  5 %
  8. Westons Rosies Pig  4.8 %