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2014 Beer Festival

2014 Beer Festival

2014 Review

This was our most successful festival yet, ok so I keep saying that, but the beer keeps getting drunk even though we order more each year. Quality of the beers this year was very good, but parhaps without anything really standing out and towering above the croud.


Thursday, Friday and Saturday saw a good turnout, with some local coaches arriving and plenty of people on the trains, some beers lasted only a little over 1hr, including both barrels of Iti NZPA from Hawkshead. Biased though I may be, the local Cumbrian beers seem to be hard to beat! Although Bad Kitty packed a chocolatey punch at 5.5% and the Sarah Hughes beers were both tasty. As has become the norm the light/golden and pale ales were the fastest sellers, but we surged through some stong ones as well.

It was great to have support from local CAMRA members, groups from further afield and also from the Morris Dancers.

Not quite Wall to wall sunshine this year, a bit wet on the Saturday I am told ( I spent the day either in the cellar or kitchen). We have had plenty of new customers this year, but so many have been coming for the past 14 years, it is great to see so many old friends.

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